Our Core Belief

Hand-block printing is an important part of our heritage. This technique is being practiced by the Chippa community of Bagru (near Jaipur) since the last 400 years. The printers use the method that their forefathers were using and even the dyes that they use are the natural dyes made from plant extracts and minerals found in that region. We collectively feel that the rich textile heritage of India of which hand-block printing is an integral part, must be preserved and promoted. Samparada is an outcome of
this deep-rooted urge.


When you shop at Samprada , you choose to give back and create an impact that goes for preserving craft and its communities. Every time you shop at samprada, you become a part of preserving our heritage of centuries old craft and its technique sustaining it for the future and nurturing the livelihood of the artisans.


The textiles used for our lines are of the finest quality and are sourced directly from the weavers or hand block printers across the country. We take personal care to ensure intensive quality checks for every fabric sourced and have built over a period of time, very high quality and trustworthy suppliers.
We take pride in our cuts and fittings. We have employed some of the most experienced pattern makers in New Delhi. We follow standard UK sizes and each size is graded accordingly. Our fabricators have more than 20 years of experience and we follow stringent quality checks before delivery. Many of my return customers have come back to us for the fitting and comfort they experience with our label.


We are currently located across 2 cities namely Gurgaon & Delhi.


Our team consists of a blend of dedicated, experienced & youthful members who bring a wide range of expertise & reliability to our brand.

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